Anxiety, Frustration, and Christmas


  1. Wow, Jennifer, God is GOOD. We had a similar experience w/ lazy or painful days after getting the tree home & in its stand. It spent the first couple of nights in the cold garage, then brought in, watered & left to sit while we did other things or nurse pains. When we finally did bring out the lights, one bulb was out & we spent WAY too much time/energy trying to find the problem only to scrap that strand & run to WM for more. Once home, we got started & everything then fell into place. God KNOWS when the time is right. It is ALL on Him IF we are patient & let Him command us, lead us in the right direction. After all the time the tree sat, waiting for us to decorate it, it had relaxed more & is THE most beautiful tree. A TRUE gift from HIM! Thank you for this post, for writing these posts & reminding us all that God IS Good. We just need to relax & let Him move us at His pace. Like a Christmas tree, He will light us in His time! God Bless

  2. Oh, Jennifer … part of me wants to apologize for all the unfulfilled expectations you are experiencing … exceept that God clearly has this as part of His plan for you this year. I love how you are using this to being Him glory. “Sitting quietly in God’s presence like a toddler and meditate on the wonder of the Word made flesh.” That’s what I love. Merry hristmas to you and your family!! ((Hugs))

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